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At Fait Par Moi, we thrive on collaboration and have built incredible partnerships with fellow visionaries across the country.

Whether you’re eager to feature our curated range in your shop, enhance your client projects with bespoke fabric/shades, or embark on the journey of refurbishing vintage shades – we’re your creative ally!

Why join forces with us?

✨ Unique Offerings: Elevate your business with our exclusive range that stands out from the crowd.

✨ Bespoke Solutions: Tailored fabric options and vintage shade refurbishments to meet your distinct needs.

✨ Seamless Partnership: Experience smooth collaborations and flexible arrangements. Whether its large volumes or one off pieces, we are set up to help.

Ready to make a lasting impact? Reach out via the form, e-mail or call us on the number below. Let’s craft a plan that sparks creativity and propels our businesses forward!

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97 Station Road, Birmingham B14 7SS United Kingdom

07743 052 705

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