What size lampshade should I order?

This is a difficult one to answer as it’s very much down to personal preference.

A general rule of thumb is that the height of the shade is around two thirds of the lamp base and the diameter of the shade, larger than the widest part of the base.

20cm  & 25cm diameter shades are suitable for small table lamps and a small room/hallway as a ceiling pendant.

30cm diameter shades are suitable for table lamps and as a ceiling pendant in a medium/large sized room.

35cm diameter shades are suitable for floor lamps, as a statement table lamp and as a ceiling pendant in a larger room.

40cm diameter shades are suitable for floor lamps and as a ceiling pendant in a larger room or a room with high ceilings.

What bulb will I need for my lampshade?

It is recommended that you use a low energy or LED light bulb. Maximum 60 watts.

Will my lampshade be fire retardent?

Yes – on all hard shades, the self-adhesive lampshade panel has been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test which is The British Standard for Luminaries. Any fabric, textile or paper that is laminated to our panel will become fire resistant.

Traditional lampshades are treated with a fire retardant spray before dispatch.

What lining should I chose for my lampshade?

Again, this is very much a personal choice.

The white linings diffuse the light through the fabric and throws out more light from the shade.

The mirror linings are highly reflective and project a warm glow out from the inside of the shade, without allowing light to travel through. Ideal for premium shades with printed or woven patterns.

How do I know if the lampshade will fit my lamp?

All of the lampshades are made to fit any UK fitting (Bayonet Cap B22) or European (Edison Screw E27). It comes with a an adapter which enables it to work with both fittings.

If you require a US fitting shade, this must be requested when ordering.

Can I send you fabric to make my lampshade?

Yes you can send me your own fabric and I can make a lampshade for you. To enquire about this service, please complete the bespoke contact form

Do you provide samples of the fabric?

Yes I can send a small swatch of the fabric to you. I do limit it to 3 fabric choices. Complete the form here for your swatch Samples

Do you make different shapes and sizes of lampshades?

Yes. Although most of the shades on my website are drum, I can make various shapes including Oval, Square, Rectangular and a variety of traditional lampshades. You can request a bespoke shade by completing the form here Bespoke

How can I clean my lampshade?

You can use a feather duster or vacuum cleaner on most shades. Use the upholstery tool if using a vacuum cleaner.

Always unplug lamps at the mains before cleaning them.

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