Birmingham Skyline Shade


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Handmade lampshade of the Birmingham Skyline.

This print was taken by a local artist in Birmingham with whom I am working collaboratively. The shot was taken on the number 50 bus travelling into the City. I have been given exclusivity on the print and therefore I am the only company offering the skyline print on a shade.

The self-adhesive lampshade panel has been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test which is The British Standard for Luminaries. Any fabric, textile or paper that is laminated to our panel will become fire resistant.

Highly reflective mirror linings projects a warm glow out from the inside of the shade, without allowing much light to travel through. Ideal for premium shades with printed or woven patterns.

White linings diffuse the light through the fabric and throws out more light from the shade.

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40cm D x 25cm H