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My exciting week!

January 26, 2019


Wow - what a week i've had!

Following the excitement of my appearance on BBC Midlands Today last Friday, I have been blown away with the response from people. Everyone has been so nice and I am genuinely humbled. There have been a couple of funny moments, like when I went out and someone said, "Have I seen you on TV?" and when the children saw the footage and said, "Mom, you're famous. Does that mean we're rich?" What goes through kids heads hey!


Other than that it was back to workstation this week, I finally received the trim to complete this gorgeous Tiffany style shade in Liberty fabric and I have beenmaking up a new product which I will hopefully share with you over the next couple of days. I am very excited about this and went to collect the final piece to complete the product today. I am just adding the finishing touches and of course I need to take the all important photographs. I won't keep you too long.......




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